For your convenience, we have listed below some general information about ourselves:


Our email address is services@sendtopup.com. You can also get help from the Send top-up web site by going to www.sendtopup.co.uk. The service that we offer is a top-up service (‘the service’) which is managed by Send top-up limited. Following the successful registration, the account holder can purchase airtime using their registered payment instruments.

The "Agreement" means these Conditions (and the documents referred to in them) and the Registration Form. These Conditions, and any changes made to them, may be viewed and printed out at any time from our Website at www.sendtopup.co.uk

The "Internet" means the global data network comprising interconnected networks using IP (Internet Protocol).

The "Registration Data" means your name, payment billing address, e-mail address, and payment details.

The "Registration Process" means the registration form to become a customer to buy airtime.

The "Website" means a set of associated web pages accessible via the Internet.

"You", "your," or "yours" means the person we make this Agreement with.

"We," "us," or "our" means Send top up Limited.

A "Sender" is someone who uses the Service to send mobile reloads.

A "Recipient" is an individual who receive the mobile reload into their mobile phone.

The "Payout Amount" is the amount paid out to the Recipient or Service Company, excluding any taxes or charges that may be levied under the laws of the Recipient Country (the "Local Taxes").

1. Overview of the service

The Service is intended for our customers to mobile reloads only, We recommend that you use the Service only to send money or mobile reloads to, we advise our customer to use this service for the people you know personally. You should never use the Service to send mobile reloads for strangers.

CONSUMER FRAUD ALERT: PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SCAMS AND FRAUD. Only send money or mobile reloads to people people you know, safeguard your password. Please let us know immediately if you believe someone is trying to scam or defraud you or if your username or password have been lost or stolen by telephone at +44 207 3393 9235 or email at reportfraud@sendtopup.co.uk

Most importantly, sometimes, top-up sends through our website will be taxes or charge under the laws of the recipient country (the "Local Taxes").

1. Commencement of this agreement

This Agreement starts on the day when we accept your registration details for the Service, following completion by you of the online Registration Process. We will notify you of our acceptance of your registration by e-mail and text message. The terms set out in this Agreement will be deemed to apply on every occasion you choose to use our services.

2. Offer and acceptance

If you submit a Transaction, you are requesting that we process your Transaction, an offer which we may accept or reject at our sole discretion from our place of business England, London.

3. Payments

Charges. For each Transaction that you submit, you agree to pay us a transaction fee (the "Transaction Fee") plus the Transaction Amount. Additional charges may apply. We only accept payments in Euro and Pounds.

Foreign Currencies. We and our Service Providers (defined below) usually make money when you pay for a Transaction in one currency and the Transaction is paid out in another currency, which is based on the difference between the exchange rate at which we buy foreign currency and the exchange rate provided to you. When processing the payment, you will see clearly that how much money the Recipientwill get.

4. Restrictions

Mobile Reloads. You understand that our responsibility for mobile reload Transactions is to confirm the transfer of the Payout Amount from a Sender’s account to a Recipient's mobile phone account as a mobile reload. You further understand that we provide estimates of the Local Taxes and other fees that may be charged by a Recipient's wireless carrier (the "Carrier") to a mobile reload Transaction, but that the exact amount of the Local Taxes and fees are determined by the Recipient Country and Carrier.

You agree that you and/or your Recipient have read the terms and conditions applicable to the Recipient's mobile phone account (the "Carrier Agreement"), which terms may include, for example, fees and taxes charged on a mobile reload, the expiration of the mobile reload and the quality and quantity of airtime, data and other services for which the mobile reload may be used. Once the Payout Amount is accepted by the Carrier, the Carrier Agreement applies to all services for which the mobile reload may be used by the Recipient. Terms and conditions vary by Carrier, Recipient Country and theterms of the Carrier Agreement. You agree to contact your Carrier directly with questions or problems regarding the application of the mobile reload to services provided by the Carrier.

5. Collection of Information

  1. We collect personally identifiable information, like names, postal addresses, email addresses. When voluntarily submitted by our visitors. The information provided to us can be used to let our subscribers know about specific information and promotional campaigns by Send top-Up’s product and services. You will be able to change preferences or opt-out of this service at any time. All personal information you provide us as a member will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy.
  2. Payment details you provide during the registration procedure will be encrypted and stored on a secure server.
  3. We also use your email address to send you information about important changes to our products and services, and to send notices and other disclosures required by law or payment scheme rules. Generally, users cannot opt out of these communications, but they will be informational in nature rather than promotional.
  4. We will use the personal data you provide with your Registration Information, together with transactional data (but not your personal financial details) for the purposes of:
    1. Processing your registration;
    2. Administration of the Service; and
    3. Statistical purposes to improve The Service.

6. Refund & Cancellation Policy

We sell non-tangible irreversible goods (airtime) we do not issue any refunds once the order is accomplished and the airtime has been delivered. As a customer, it is your responsibility to understand this upon purchasing any item at our site.

7. Misuse

As a user of our websites or Service or in the course of your interactions with the Breach this User Agreement, or any other agreement between you and Company;

You agree not to post or transfer to our website (nor include in any message) any material which is obscene, misleading, inaccurate, defamatory, illegal, in breach of any copyright or other intellectual property right, or damaging to data, software or the performance of our or any other parties' computer system. You agree to indemnify us in respect of any liabilities, losses, expenses, or other costs whatsoever incurred as a result of a breach of your obligation under this condition, including, but not limited to, any claims made against us by any third party.

8. Amendments

We may change the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time. We will give you at least 7 days’ notice of any changes before they take effect. Any changes may also be viewed at www.sendtopup.co.uk

9. Security

Communications over the internet, such as emails, are not secure unless they have been encrypted. Your communications may go through a number of countries before being delivered - this is the nature of the internet. We cannot accept responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that is beyond our control.

10. Your privacy rights

You can write to us at any time to get a copy of the personal information we hold about you. You can do this by sending us a written letter. We will charge you £15 to cover the cost of providing this information.

If you believe we are holding inaccurate information about you, please contact our customer services team (through the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website) so we can correct it.

Contact information

This can be found on the website.